Koenders' diverse product line includes a wide range of rotationally molded and metal products for marine, industrial, OEM, agricultural and residential use. In all polyethylene products a special ultra violet resistant, medium density poly is molded to create the design. The seamless process produces remarkably durable, yet flexible products that resist corrosion. They look sharp and stand up to the various weather conditions found throughout North America .

Since 1997 Koenders has been committed to manufacturing top quality equipment. The 24,000 square foot Rotational molding facility and a 10,000 sqft metals division in Englefeld, Saskatchewan, Canada boasts state-of-the-art rotational molding technology, highly efficient production capabilities, and unmatched quality control. It all adds up to exceptional value.

Over the years, consumers across Canada , United States , Europe and Australia have come to trust Koenders quality. Koenders products are tested and refined under actual conditions with input from local users, giving them unique design features found no where else in North America . Quality assurance is applied to all facets of development, from raw materials to shipping and after sale service.

In 2015 Koenders Mfg bought an existing injection molding company with over 20 years of experience.  Koenders now offers injection molding, metal fabrication, rotational molding, and mold design.

With experience and a customer driven focus we pride ourselves in our close and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are able to respond to their needs quickly, and can provide the expert advice needed for both large and small projects.

As our customers needs have grown, we’ve invested heavily in new technologies from to design software and large molding machines. We’re early adopters, and stay on the cutting edge of plastics technology, working with innovative materials like bioplastics, elastomers, nylons, PC, PP, GFPP, PE, and others.

We are committed to quality and are a ISO 9001 registered company.



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