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Since 1979 Koenders has been committed to manufacturing top quality products. The 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Englefeld, Saskatchewan, Canada boasts state-of-the-art rotational molding technology, highly efficient production capabilities, and unmatched quality control. It all adds up to exceptional value. Koenders Manufacturing can produce a variety of custom storage bins, plastic containers, spill containment products, and plastic totes including insulated fish boxes.

Koenders manufactures a wide range of polyethylene products using the rotational molding process. Koenders manufacturing can handle your custom rotationally molded job large or small. Your custom rotomolding needs will be met by our team of technical, production, marketing and sales staff. We believe in establishing a strong partnership with our customers. We can offer design assistance and flexibility that is hard to find in the industry. Custom metal fabrication is also available for any of your custom metal fabrication needs

Rotational molding, or rotomolding offers a cost-effective way to produce products and parts. The versatility of rotational molding allows a vast variety of shapes and sizes. Molds can be fabricated from steel or aluminum. To make a product using rotational molding a pre-measured amount of plastic resin is loaded into a mold that is heated and rotated slowly on two axis. The heating and rotation distributes the resin on the inside of the mold cavity and fuses it, evenly coating the entire surface. Once the resin is completely fused the mold is removed from the oven and cooled by air or water. During the cooling phase the mold continues to be rotated to maintain even walls. The mold is then opened and the part removed from the mold ready for its next cycle.

Rotationally molded products have many benefits:
• Rotomolding results in seamless parts with uniform wall thickness with more material in corners to absorb shock and stress where they are most likely to occur.
• The molds do not have to be designed to withstand the high pressure of injection molding so mold costs are lower
• Rotational molding will give you a stronger finished part because the material is not stressed during production
• The mold has no internal core to manufacture so tooling costs are lower and minor changes to the mold can be made.
• Rotomolding offers superb flexibility and precision.
• Contours, metal inserts, flanges and molded-in threads can be designed into the walls
• The color is molded-in all the way through so it can never crack or chip off
• A rotational molded plastic product is generally lighter than metal or fiberglass
• Custom rotational molding will give you tough, long lasting corrosion proof products
• One piece seamless construction with uniform wall thickness

Quality assurance is applied to all facets of development, from raw materials to shipping and after sale service.

Koenders Manufacturing will purchase certain kinds of scrap plastic for recycling. Please call us for your recycling needs for unwanted scrap plastic.

Contact us for more information on the advantages of rotational molded products and your custom rotational molding needs as well as any custom metal fabrication needs.

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