All of Koenders Hog Equipment is made from tough durable polyethylene. Our Hog Equipment products are shown below. Koenders offers you the best in Hog Feeders, Sow Feeders, Hog Sorting Panels, Piggy Decks and our Feed/Chore carts are also available


Koenders one piece polyethylene hog sow feeder is completely sow-proof
• The sow feeder has a smooth interior and rounded corners for a total clean up of feed
• Sow feeder has a raised front edge to prevent feed loss
• Sow feeder is made in one piece polyethylene for added strength
• Sow feeders will fit in most farrowing crates
• Our Hog sow feeder has a stainless steel chew guard on bottom lip for added durability

Koenders Sow Feeder Dimensions available:
16” wide x 20” high x 14” long


Sow Feeders


Koenders lightweight hog sorting panels or chaser boards are easy to work with, even when holding at arms length. There are no cracks, crevices or corners and with the hard surface, these sorting panels or chaser boards will remain disease and bacteria free.Hog Sorting Panels

• 3' long panel only weigh 9 lbs.
• Our hog sorting panel will never absorb moisture and rot like plywood
• Our sorting panels will never dent or bend like aluminum
• These hog sorting panels or chaser boards last!
• Hinge Package Set Available to make a double hog sorting board

Chaser Board/Hog Sorting Panel Dimensions:
36” long x 30” high (Weight 9 lbs)

KOENDERS PIGGY DECK (Piggy Decks, Booster Box or Piggy Barrel)

Koenders piggy decks will provide a safe controlled environment for your piglets. The piggy deck offers a unique approach to housing freshly weaned piglets, while giving those which have fallen behind more time with the sow so they can thrive without competition of the stronger piglets. The piggy deck is also referred to as a booster box or piggy barrel. The feed trough is separated into 12 - 4 3/4" feed stations. The piggy deck is designed for a heat lamp which can be placed in the roof. Cleaning out piggy decks will not be a problem with a 3/4" drain plug in the feed trough and a 2" pit plug under the grating.

The piggy decks use a chain and hook design that prevents the penning from falling down while attending to the pigs.


Piggy Deck Dimensions: Piggy Deck pen space: 38" wide x 61" long x 27" high
Outside: 48" wide x 67" long x 35" high
Trough: 9" wide x 62" long x 4" deep
Piggy Deck

Piggy Deck Dimensions: Piggy Deck pen space: 24” wide x 60” long x 24” high
Outside: 31 ½” wide x 63” long x 30” high
Trough: 9” wide x 62” long x 4” deep
Piggy Deck

Feed Carts/Chore Carts Also Available
Feed Cart


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