Koenders Portable Toilets
offer you one of the strongest portable toilets on the market

Koenders Portable Toilets will provide you with a quality solution when you need a portable restroom for temporary public events, playgrounds, parks, private lake cabins, job sites or urban settings, adequate sanitation and change facilities. Our portable bathroom has a polyethylene foundation giving stability and eliminating the problem of a rotting foundation. Features of our portable toilets or bathrooms are listed below.

Koenders Poly Portable Toilets are tough and durable with all the necessary practical features, including a locking door which does not flap in the wind, a urinal, a toilet seat, and a toilet paper holder/cover. Portable toilets can have optional handles to put on the outside for easier maneuvering. Our portable toilet comes fully assembled and ready to use. The toilet body is molded in one piece making the portable toilets extremely strong and durable. The seamless one piece potty body is easy to clean.

Portable Toilet Doors Closure
Pneumatic Door Closer
Sure silent closing with adjustable closing power which ensures that doors will shut securely - seasonal adjustment





Toilet Sanitizer Dispenser|
Optional: Sanitizer Dispenser
11" h x 6" w
Waterless hand sanitizer
Refills available - sold separately - mounts to walls of toilets

Portable Toilet Urinal
Urinal Included
Portable Toilet Roll Holder
Covered Toilet Roll Holder
Holds 2 rolls

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets Tank

. All Portable toilets have a vented holding tank tapered to the middle and back for efficient pump out
. Portable bathrooms are easily moved by a forklift or crane
. Portable toilets have a solid plastic base with 4 3/4" feet in front and back for tie down
.All portable toilets or bathrooms have a double wall door with molded in hinges
. Koenders portable bathrooms are made from molded polyethylene for increased durability and to greatly decrease chances of replacement parts being needed
. All portable toilets features a 100% plastic design that will not rust, rot or corrode

Portable Toilet Measurements:
. Portable toilets outside dimension: 95" high x 42" wide x 48" long
. Portable toilet base: 7" high x 42" wide x 48" long
. Portable toilet doorway : 74.5" high x 26" wide: door - 77" high x 27.5" wide
. Bathroom floor space is 42" wide x 21" deep
. Portable Toilet Tank dimensions: 17" high x 19" deep x 42" wide
. Toilet Tank: 60 gallon capacity
. Toilet Seat height: 18": Standard toilet seat & cover
. 3 vents: sides of portable toilets and one on back of toilet (4" x 16")
. Portable toilet weight: 200 lbs

Koenders Portable Toilets - Creating Quality Solutions For Your Portable Outhouse or Bathroom Needs!

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