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Koenders manufactures a wide range of polyethylene products using the rotational molding process. A few examples being storage bins, ice fishing shacks, sleds, spill containment products, and even portable toilets. We also offer design assistance and flexibility that is hard to find in the industry.

Rotational molding, or roto molding offers a cost-effective way to produce products. The versatility of rotational molding allows many shapes and sizes. Molds can be fabricated from both steel and aluminum. To make a product using rotational molding a pre-measured amount of plastic resin and dye is loaded into a mold that is heated and rotated slowly on two axis. The heat and rotation distribute the resin on the inside of the mold cavity evenly coating the entire surface. The mold is then removed from the oven and cooled by air or water. During the cooling phase the mold continues to be rotated to maintain even walls. The mold is then opened and the part is removed, the mold is then refilled and ready for its next cycle.

Rotationally molded products have many benefits

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The right plastic is essential for the correct strength, function, & feel.

To ensure quality and durability, we’ll help you make the right choice. Koenders Rotational Molding uses quality materials from reputable suppliers in our production processes. We have access to a full range of thermoplastics, whether its commodity/engineering resins, filled/reinforced resins or bio-polymers.

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